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Video Wednesday #3

Learn more about our cast and crew! Actors Andrea Grant and Matthew Gin, Producer Carla Johnston, Playwright Peter Counter and Director Andrew Gaboury divulge some information about their origins and what they’ve learnt about each other over the last few months!

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Vic Harbour: The Poster

Poster design by the brilliant Nick Counter of www.counterillustration.com

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Vic Harbour: Cast & Crew, pt. IX

And we finish with the last member of the Vic Harbour team; the Grand-Founder and deity who built the bridge into Vic Harbour with nothing but his mind:

Peter Counter

The playwright himself.

Peter Counter is a playwright living in Toronto and dying in the future (probably). His past credits include Echo, a one woman show written for Theatre Elysium, and most recently The Four Winds Collective’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Rat’s in the Walls (co-written with Andrew Gaboury (see below)). When not writing plays Peter writes infrequently (self-)published pop-culture centric personal essays. It is an absolute privilege to collaborate with such an enthusiastic and attractive team of artists to tell a story that is very close to his heart.

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