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Vic Harbour: The Poster

Poster design by the brilliant Nick Counter of www.counterillustration.com

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Behind the Scenes Part 3

The cast and crew of Vic Harbour are always attracting new friends. Recently while I was taking some pictures of David, a gentleman, who seemed to have had his fare share of fun for the evening, approached us and wanted to be in the photos. He proceeded to call David a Playboy. There sadly are no playboys in Vic Harbour, but after seeing these photos Peter may want to consider a re-write.

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Vic Harbour: Cast & Crew, pt. III

One of the town’s legendary Founders, Frank Golding is the younger brother of the dead man who’s ghost still haunts Victoria Harbour. After offering up his lighthouse as a sanctuary for Alice, he is drawn in to a conflict that stands to destroy his life’s greatest achievement.

David J Phillips

David is the reclusive lighthouse keeper, FRANK GOLDING.

David J. Phillips received a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. That was in 1978.  After a few seasons playing very thin, very quirky, and very young men, there fell the Dark Years, from which he emerged to find himself a scholar of media studies. From that, and after all those years, he is emerging again as an actor. He has recently appeared at the Alumnae Theatre, Hart House Theatre, the Toronto Fringe Festival, and at the Village Playhouse (as Orgon in Tartuffe). He also has appeared in many independent films.  He’s delighted to be in this production.

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