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The Great Confederation Debate

Looking for something to do this Canada Day? Well, The Four Winds Collective is working together with Black Creek Pioneer Village to discuss the merits and worries this great union imposed on the minds of the politicians and citizens of 1867.

The Great Confederation Debate
Written by Andrew Gaboury

With Geoffrey Rutherford as Father of Confederation, James Cockburn
Andrew Gaboury as the fictional politician of Black Creek, Edweard Chance

July 1st, 2012

With shows at 12:00, 1:30 & 3:30 on the Town Hall Green. There is sure to be unbridled emotion, sound rhetoric, and fancy hats.

Come and meet Mr.’s Cockburn and Chance as they will be strolling about the village in between shows trying to garner support for or against confederation.

It is sure to be a merry time for all.

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Video Wednesday #3

Learn more about our cast and crew! Actors Andrea Grant and Matthew Gin, Producer Carla Johnston, Playwright Peter Counter and Director Andrew Gaboury divulge some information about their origins and what they’ve learnt about each other over the last few months!

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Video #1: The Director’s Introduction

Today we bring you the first in a series of videos about Vic Harbour.

I tried to film this one a couple times, but couldn’t re-capture the honesty I had in this one.

And I am aware, if you care about these kinds of things, that the background is all askew. Sorry. It was supposed to look better. I swear.

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Vic Harbour: Cast & Crew, pt. VI

And now for the guy who’s also the voice behind many of these updates:

Andrew Gaboury

The Director.

Andrew Gaboury is a Toronto-based theatre practitioner. His focus is mainly on playwriting and creation, although, if you twist his arm just right (read: if you ask him), you can get him up on stage. No matter what he says, he really does like being the centre of attention. Since graduating from York University’s Theatre Studies program, where he specialised in a series of classes that no longer exist, he’s busied himself with teaching the general public about Canada’s history while trying to invent an aspect of its future with Carla Johnston, Peter Counter and the Four Winds Collective.

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