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Video Wednesday #3

Learn more about our cast and crew! Actors Andrea Grant and Matthew Gin, Producer Carla Johnston, Playwright Peter Counter and Director Andrew Gaboury divulge some information about their origins and what they’ve learnt about each other over the last few months!

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Vic Harbour: The Poster

Poster design by the brilliant Nick Counter of

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A transition.


While rehearsing some transitions, somehow we ended up out here. The sound of Portugal’s latest victory filled the tree-lined streets below.

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Video #1: The Director’s Introduction

Today we bring you the first in a series of videos about Vic Harbour.

I tried to film this one a couple times, but couldn’t re-capture the honesty I had in this one.

And I am aware, if you care about these kinds of things, that the background is all askew. Sorry. It was supposed to look better. I swear.

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Behind the Scenes Part 4

The following are photos from the time Andrea and Mathew decided that Vic Harbour needed a dance number. Okay fine, there is no dance number, they weren’t even dancing. They were trying to balance, but they are very graceful and look as though they are doing some sort of version of the twist. Perhaps something Peter will consider including in the sequel “Vic Harbour 2, the musical” 

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