The Collective

Andrew Gaboury is a Toronto playwright, devisor and performer who graduated from York University’s BA Honours Theatre Studies program in 2008. Aside from being an historic interpreter and tour guide, he takes mostly blurry pictures and tries to play a guitar.


Carla Johnston
is a Toronto based artist and educator. A graduate of the York University Theatre Program, Carla focused her studies in devised theatre and collective creation. She was also co-registered in the Concurrent Education and English programs. She currently teaches at Sir Oliver Mowat in the TDSB, where she teaches Drama and English. Outside of the classroom, Carla continues her passion for theatre acting as a dramaturge in the Four Winds Writers circle, and even occasionally finds herself on stage.

Peter Counter is an emerging playwright living in Toronto. A graduate of York University’s Theatre Program specializing in the area of collectively devised theatre, he was a key creative mind in Early Seedling Development’s premier show Hardwired. He has since written Echo, a one-woman show for Theatre Elysium which has been performed in both the Vancouver and Winnipeg’ Fringe Festivals. He is primarily interested in the stories and legends of Canada and how we interact with them in our regular lives.


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