A Night of Lies

A Night of Lies is our seasonal playwrights event and a showcase of work developed through the help of The Windmill.

Its focus is to either present a new audience with (a) equally new playwrights, ones who are still starting to make an impression in the theatre world, or (b) with exceedingly new pieces that haven’t been heard by an audience before.

Think of it as a poetry jam, but instead of poetry our playwrights will be reading excerpts from their current plays.

The Four Winds Collective proudly presents the second installment of our successful playwright’s jam:

A Night of Lies

Join us on Monday, March 19th as we take over the TRANZAC’s Tiki Room, say bye-bye to the Truth for a couple hours, have a few drinks and experience some live theatre fresh from the incubator.

Come for the stories, stay for the conversation.

You will hear excerpts from:

~Peter Counter~
~Alex Eddington~
~Andrew Gaboury~
~Nicole Ratjen~
~Susan Stover~
~Liam Hanebury~

When: Monday, March 19th
Doors – 8pm
The event will start shortly thereafter.

(recommended $5 – all donations go towards funding the future of this series)

Where: The Tiki Room of TRANZAC 


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