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Vic Harbour: Cast & Crew, pt. IX

And we finish with the last member of the Vic Harbour team; the Grand-Founder and deity who built the bridge into Vic Harbour with nothing but his mind:

Peter Counter

The playwright himself.

Peter Counter is a playwright living in Toronto and dying in the future (probably). His past credits include Echo, a one woman show written for Theatre Elysium, and most recently The Four Winds Collective’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Rat’s in the Walls (co-written with Andrew Gaboury (see below)). When not writing plays Peter writes infrequently (self-)published pop-culture centric personal essays. It is an absolute privilege to collaborate with such an enthusiastic and attractive team of artists to tell a story that is very close to his heart.

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Vic Harbour: Cast & Crew, pt. VIII

Next up is one of the Founders herself:

Carla Johnston

Carla has stepped up as our Producer.

Carla Johnston is a Toronto based artist and Educator. She is thrilled to be producing Vic Harbour at the Toronto Fringe. It is a lovely play, and Carla is very proud of The Four Winds Collective and their work on this piece. Except for Andrew (Gaboury), there is not much to be proud of there. Carla has a lot of experience producing. Most recently she produced feelings of fear in her students when she told them about their final exams. She also eats a lot of produce. She just eats a lot in general, which is possibly the result of a tape worm.

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Vic Harbour: Cast & Crew, pt. VII

Next up is a startlingly new addition to the team, someone who’s definitely going to make sure that director fellow stays on track and that everyone is where they’re supposed to be:

Gloria Tran

Gloria will be joining Vic Harbour as its saviour. Really.

Gloria Tran is a freelance stage manager for music theatre, dance, and opera, and is extremely excited to make her Fringe debut this summer with Vic Harbour. A graduate from the Theatre Performance Production Program at Ryerson University, she has also trained at the Banff Centre as an ASM in both opera and ballet disciplines. Highlights of her career thus far include working on the new Canadian opera ‘Lillian Alling’ with Judith Forst, and a pre-Broadway workshop production of ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ with Chita Rivera. Gloria also works with The Chimera Project Dance Company, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, and has just finished her first season with the Canadian Opera Company.

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Vic Harbour: Cast & Crew, pt. VI

And now for the guy who’s also the voice behind many of these updates:

Andrew Gaboury

The Director.

Andrew Gaboury is a Toronto-based theatre practitioner. His focus is mainly on playwriting and creation, although, if you twist his arm just right (read: if you ask him), you can get him up on stage. No matter what he says, he really does like being the centre of attention. Since graduating from York University’s Theatre Studies program, where he specialised in a series of classes that no longer exist, he’s busied himself with teaching the general public about Canada’s history while trying to invent an aspect of its future with Carla Johnston, Peter Counter and the Four Winds Collective.

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Vic Harbour: Cast & Crew, pt. V

Next is the man who will be responsible for lighting those first three lovely faces, and giving them something to live in:

Andrew Smith

Andrew will be using his smile to light up our stage.

Andrew Smith is an up and coming Lighting Designer based out of Toronto. You can find him for half the year down in the idyllic Niagara-on-the-Lake working with the Shaw Festival as both a Designer and Assistant for many shows, including the current season’s Trouble in Tahiti. Other haunting grounds include The Grand Theatre, Soulpepper, and The Elgin Theatre.

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