when the lying stops…

Big thanks to everyone who came out last night for our Night of Lies. We are glad to have sparked interest in these new pieces of theatre, and also interest from new writers wanting to take part in the future. The conversations and feedback is always appreciated.

We are happy to say that we raised enough money to recoup the cost of hosting the event and also walked away with a modest profit. To everyone interested, this profit will be put directly into the costs of our upcoming Toronto Fringe show! So thank you all, once again, for supporting us.

As for the readings, the following is the program from last night in the order they performed (including the playwright, title, and anyone they read with):

  • Peter Counter read from The Great Hunter in the City
  • Susan Stover read from (working title) Our Room with Scott Hempstead
  • Alex Eddington read from his one-man-show Yarn
  • Andrew Gaboury read from (working title) A Portrait with Susan Stover
  • Liam Hanebury read from (working title) Caroline
  • Nicole Ratjen read from Polar Opposites with Carla Johnston and Andrew Gaboury

And at the end of the night,

  • Peter Counter read an excerpt from our upcoming Toronto Fringe production of Vic HarbourHe read with Carla Johnston.

If anyone would like to get in touch with the playwrights of these pieces or anyone who read with them, please send an email to info[at]fourwindscollective.com and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Stay tuned for event photos!


2 thoughts on “when the lying stops…

  1. Andrew McKechnie says:

    Thank you again for putting together The Night of Lies. It’s exciting to see so many playwright’s voices being cultivated and celebrated. I am interested in the WindMill especially given that my current playwright’s circle is running out. I see that it’s by invitation only but I would like to put myself up for consideration if that is possible. Also, do you have any other ways of following your various works other then this blog?

    • A. Gaboury says:

      Hello Andrew,

      It was great to meet you the other night.

      Currently this is the main way of following our happenings as a collective, but individually you can follow myself at afieldofcrowns.blogspot.com or twitter.com/afieldofcrowns and Peter at drybonesandginger.wordpress.com.

      I’m glad you’re interested in coming out to our writer’s circle. Send me a note at info@fourwindscollective.com and I’ll let you know when our next sessions are.


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