Few truths here.

Our first installment of A Night of Lies went off without a hitch Monday night. The Gladstone’s Art Bar proved to be an intimate and welcoming venue for both artists and audience alike. In keeping with the deceptive theme of the evening, we shared two lies and a truth about each playwright. The audience got to guess which was real, making for a fun and sometimes very informative transition between plays.

We would like to extend a special thanks to all of you who donated to the event; we are proud to report that with the help of the money raised, we are able to begin planning the second installment!

For those of you who attended, and those of you who couldn’t but are interested in what transpired, here’s a list, in the order of reading, of those who presented Monday night and the respective plays they read from:

  • In All Kinds of Weather, written and read by Andrew Gaboury
  • Untitled, written and read by Susan Stover
  • Vic Harbour, written and read by Peter Counter
  • House of Bread, written and read by Daniel Daley
  • Where You Are, written and read by Julia Pileggi
  • Drink Up and Drown, written and read by Taylor Graham

If any of you have any questions or comments or would simply like to get in touch with the individual playwrights, or the collective itself, feel free to send an email to the addresses in the “Contact” section of this website.

And stay tuned to keep up to date with what we, and our lovely playwrights will be up to next!

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