A staged, dramatic reading of SIMON BEAUCHAMP


This is the brand new blog/website of the Four Winds Collective.
And, as such, we are excited to invite and promote our first event, which is happening really soon!

This piece is the first stepping stone of a larger project, a project focused on collectively devising a piece of theatre out of original, complementary short stories.

With that being said, we invite you to come out this Sunday to meet Simon and hear his story.


a short story written by Andrew Gaboury about a man’s last attempt to make a meaningful connection with a world he no longer has any control of.


SIMON / NARRATOR ONE – Andrew Gaboury

Sunday, July 4th @ 7:00pm
Appearing as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival’s Art Wank,
On a raised stage in the Honest Ed’s alley (Bathurst & Bloor).
This event is FREE
(and there will be other free performances before and after Simon’s (until about 10pm), so feel free to stick around).

This reading is a workshop performance, an important stepping stone for us to explore the different possibilities of the story and to examine simple staging methods. We invite you to stick around afterwards and share your comments and criticism with us – you better believe we want to hear what you think!

Until then,

Andrew Gaboury & Carla Johnston


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